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Stainless Steel Wire Braided PTFE Hose Assemblies

Stainless Steel Wire Braided PTFE Hose Assemblies

Products details: Stainless steel wire braided ptfe hose Temperature range:-70C to 260C Size range: 3/16"-1" The advantage: 1. Flexibility(Hoses are braided which allows for better flexibility and a tighter bend radius. It can work well in continuous flexing, vibration, or impulse...

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Product Details

PTFE hose which was initially used in hydraulic or pneumatic systems or in the aerospace sector is rapidly becoming popular. Hoses and tubes made out of PTFE perform brilliantly, under challenging environmental and industrial conditions, and hence its commercial usage across industries is on the rise. Due to its high commercial usability and its exceptional properties, PTFE products are an important commodity of the industrial, medical and consumer markets, where they are used not only in the traditional way but also in non-traditional and unconventional ones.

What is a PTFE lined hose

PTFE Hose is a tube consisting of an inner PTFE liner and an outer protective cover. The PTFE liner is similar to a PTFE tubehaving an outer protective cover which increases its pressure withstanding capacity. The combination of outer cover and inner PTFE liner makes a hose an important instrument in many applications.