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Stainless-steel Hydraulic Hose Fittings

- Nov 24, 2018 -

QCSS manufactures a wide range of hydraulic hose fittings, as well as tube fittings and adapters, both are corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Our stainless-steel hose fittings and ferrules are made from various materials SS304, SS316L and 1.4571 (316 Ti) stainless steel is available for Euro market. The materials are 100% traceable to the smelting furnace with a 3.1 inspection certificate, if required.

The stainless-steel fittings are compatible with industry-recognized EN, ISO and SAE-type hoses for constructions that include braided, spiral, textile, PTFE, and thermoplastic versions. The range of fittings comes in a variety of configurations, such as male and female JIC 37° and BSP 60° and connections for high-pressure cleaners. All fittings are available in 45° and 90° bend connections, plus numerous step sizes.

Stainless fittings are designed for excellent temperature and corrosion resistance combined with high performance under adverse environmental conditions and high loads. For instance, they’re suited for use in conditions with high salt levels or acids, or near weld seams. They’re especially recommended for long service life in demanding operations, such as in wind-energy systems, chemical- and paper-processing plants, ships and drilling platforms, and diving robots, just to name a few possible applications. The fittings are used in combination with hoses from manufacturers like Eaton, Gates and Manuli.

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