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Stainless Steel - For Demanding Requirements

- Sep 27, 2018 -

Alloyed or unalloyed steels are known as stainless steel. Stainless steel is often referred to as “rust-proof steel,” although this is not quite correct, as some stainless steels can rust.

Conventional stainless steel is durable, robust, and resistant to corrosion. It has a high quality appearance, is hygienic, has high mechanical and thermal strength, and is decorative. Stainless steel has high thermal conductivity and a high degree of purity.

QCSS supplies a very wide range of adapters and couplings made from high–quality SS304, SS316/316L and SS316Ti (1.4571) stainless steel which is especially hard. Therefore, these products are suitable for highly demanding applications, even in aggressive environments.



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