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Rubber Hose After Aging Have Safety Risks Must Pay Attention To Regular Replacement

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Many friends know that the residents of the household gas hose in the aging of the safety risks, we must pay attention to regular replacement; but the bathroom is used to connect the hand-held shower metal hose also need to be replaced regularly, this, you know?

Many people decorate when the choice of flower shower is very important to spend the first part of the good or bad, but often overlooked the metal hose part. In fact, the metal hose as a part of the shower, to withstand frequent twisting use, so the quality of the metal hose is also very important. What are the problems with the metal hose?

1. The metal hose part leaks. This is mainly because some decoration shop bosses irresponsible, with poor quality of the thread tube instead of sealing performance of a good metal hose, resulting in leakage. If the hot water is very hot, it is likely to burn the skin. Therefore, you must carefully observe the metal hose. Don't cheap to buy a poor quality shower.

2. Metal Hose winding. Hand-held shower for a long time, metal hose due to frequent twist use, not timely replacement, very easy to occur entanglement problems, resulting in inconvenience. In general, the previous metal hose shower used for two years will need to be replaced. But now a lot of shower quality is very good, metal hose is to prevent winding, and many shops also provide imported flowers, these high-quality shower metal hose life is relatively long, generally 5, 6 years no problem.

3. Shower head Paomaodilou.

4. Water charges. Now there are many brands of sprinkler are water-saving, friends can be considered when choosing.

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