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Qiancheng For OEMs --Stainless Hydraulic Crimp Fittings

- Jan 08, 2018 -

Qiancheng company provides OEM customers with high quality crimp fittings that absolutely deliver on your expectations for

1. Quality - 100% tested. Qiancheng crimp fittings feature bite-the-wire one piece design.

2. Qiancheng crimp fittings have superior resilience and durability, can be last longer in the field and are safer for use.

3. Types - we supply a wide selection of hydraulic crimp fittings for a variety of USA, European standars, including JIC, SAE, BSPP, Metric / DIN.

4. Service - Qiancheng sales team available for email or phone call for your requirements.

5. Delivery - If urgent orders, we help you arrange delivery by Air or economic express. For normal orders, we arrange by Sea. Or as per your request.

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