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Precautions For Hydraulic Hoses

- Aug 09, 2017 -

The inner diameter of the pipe: the inner diameter of the hose.

Second, hose in the use and design should pay attention to the following matters:

1, the bending radius of the hose should not be too small, generally should not be less than the "hydraulic hose assembly technical characteristics" in the specified value. The hose assembly shall be connected with the fittings for a straight section, and the length should not be less than twice times the diameter of the tube.

2, the length of the hose assembly should take into account the hose in the pressure oil, the length will occur contraction deformation, the general shrinkage of the tube length of the 3~4%. Therefore, when the hose assembly is installed, it is not allowed to be in a taut state.

3, the hose assembly should ensure that no torsion deformation occurs during installation. The joint axis of the hose should be placed in the plane of motion, avoiding the damage of the hose when both ends are moving.

4. The hose should avoid contacting and rubbing with the corners of the machine to avoid damage to the pipe.

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