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High-pressure Hose Industry Has A Great Development And Rapid Progress

- Aug 09, 2017 -

China's high-pressure hose industry since the reform and opening-up in the past more than 20 years has been a great development and rapid progress, not only reflected in the output value, output of the substantial growth, and in the variety, specifications or in the comprehensive technical level has made considerable achievements. And in the rapid development at the same time, because the high-pressure hose enterprises mostly sales-oriented marketing methods, but also to China's high-pressure hose industry has brought some drawbacks. These have been placed in front of us the reality, we cannot but cause our rubber hose and high-pressure hose industry thinking. While thinking about these problems, we must find ourselves and understand ourselves, only in the face of existing problems, can we analyze and solve.

Throughout the development, there are mainly the following seven major problems:

One, good exultation whole, product not single-minded

Brand positioning should be targeted, using a specific brand image to attract specific target groups. And China's many high-pressure hose enterprises in the brand positioning is reluctant to sacrifice, always cast nets, hoping to let customers think their own enterprise what type of high-pressure hose can do; think the target market will be larger, the success of the GRASP will be greater.

Second, lack of research and development capacity, innovation

Poor research and development ability can be said to have no capital investment or only a small amount of capital investment. Both so-called new product research and development, but also just take a single, side design, side production mode, to some extent caused by the equipment performance of unreliable and process immature, to the use of customers brought hidden trouble.

Third, technical innovation lags behind, imitate serious

Many high-pressure hose enterprises from the name of the brand, to research and development technology, to product performance and sales patterns, are beginning to imitate others. Imitation is the human instinct, the reason why human imitation, only to develop today. All innovation is based on imitation. But imitation can only be said to be a way of learning, blindly imitate others, and ignore the connotation of the enterprise itself, enterprises are difficult to do bigger and stronger.

IV. Backward management mechanisms and models

A family-style or progression to a friend's share-cooperation reflects the old-fashioned management concept, which reflects the bad habits of replacing the law with the human system. The malpractice of mechanism cannot promote the development of enterprise, the incentive mode of three system of modern enterprise cannot be carried out in enterprise. Even if the company has already carried out the shareholding system transformation, or has obtained the Chinese Machinery Industry management Advanced Enterprise, in the management still greatly lags behind the Western developed country.


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