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Why wear hoses are so popular

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Wear-resistant hose is a very common material, now plays a major role in the transport, the use of a very wide range, such as some power industry, metallurgy industry, coal industry, oil and machinery and other industries are very necessary. So today we'll take a look at what are the characteristics of this material?

First of all, wear-resistant hose has a good wear resistance, it is understood that the continuous use of more than 10 years of time will not be a problem. Industry use of such materials, can greatly reduce the frequency and cost of maintenance, to save more money for the industry, which is a very good thing for any industry. Second, the material has a high hardness and high strength, but the weight is relatively light. The installation can be very easy to fix, not to make people so laborious, but also reduce the risk factor.

Second, wear-resistant hose heat and corrosion resistance is very good, because in some industries may be exposed to some of the more corrosive items, or the work of the environment is relatively poor. However, the material will not be affected, and can still be used normally to ensure work efficiency.

Then, the internal wear-resistant hose is relatively smooth, there is no gap, there is no blocking the phenomenon of powder. In addition, there are many kinds of materials, and customers can choose different kinds according to their actual situation. For example, centrifugal casting composite ceramic tube is one of them, it is very good sealing property. Also has the full name ceramic liner compound steel pipe, it has the toughness good, the impact resistance, the high abrasion resistance, the heat resistance and so on performance, overcomes the steel tube hardness low, the abrasion resistance is poor characteristic. No matter which kind, use in the industry is very extensive, the real help the industry to solve a lot of problems.

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