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What shortens the lifespan of hydraulic hoses?

- Jan 29, 2018 -

Not following proper procedures in putting together a hose assembly will definitely shorten that hose’s lifespan. Not properly routing or securing a hose will also result in reduced life. Making the correct selection that is compatible to your fluid, to your ambient conditions is another critical area. If you need a hose that is abrasion-resistant, then you need to choose that—and once you choose the correct hose for your application, you must ensure to install it and manufacture it correctly. This means to make sure that the crimp diameters are accurate so that it’s not too loose or too tight.

Make sure that you cover with a sleeve if you’re in a high abrasion environment. Hose wrap is either a plastic or synthetic warp that goes around the hose. The hose wrap stops it from rubbing against various surfaces or joints—or other things like that. It can also stop two hoses from rubbing against each other. If you choose the right hose, you choose the right ends, and you install it and crimp it properly, you’re going to have the most longevity. Just like anything in a hydraulic system, it’s about choosing the right component for an application.

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