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Testing Hydraulic Hose

- Feb 07, 2018 -

Hydraulic hoses transport hydraulic fluid to other components in hydraulic systems such as valves, actuators, and work tools. Hydraulic hose as multiple layers to reinforce the assembly as often very high pressures can exist in the circuit. Proper testing is necessary before fitting a hose to a machine to determine the correct pressures required in operation. There are multiple ways to test hydraulic hose including the following: 

Burst Pressure: This test takes the hose to the maximum pressure needed to tear through the skin of the hose. Once the hose is destroyed, the pressure recorded is then known as the burst pressure. The hose pieces used for this test are relatively short and are not usable after the test. 

Proof Pressure: This test is to determine how much a hydraulic hose deforms over time when subjected to a high pressure (normally 50% of the burst pressure). Elongation, contraction, tearing, and changes in the circumference of the hose are watched for. Over time, if a hose cannot stand up to the proof pressure, it will fatigue and deform. 

Hold Test: This test holds the maximum pressure a hose may see in a hydraulic system for the length of time that may be experienced while in that system. Again, as in the proof pressure test, elongation and contraction are observed and recorded.

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