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Seal tube fitting for extreme temperatures

- Dec 21, 2017 -


Seal-Lok Xtreme. This O-ring face seal tube fitting is equipped with a metal sealing ring that makes it suitable for applications where typical elastomeric sealing is not a possibility due to extreme temperature.

Seal-Lok Xtreme has been extensively tested for thermal cycle and shock, and has performed well with helium mass spectrometer and gas pressure leak testing, said the company. It connects to tube and hose at working pressures of up to 5,850 psi with temperatures as low as -328° F (-200° C) and as high as 1,200° F (650° C).

“Applications such as liquid natural gas (LNG) and gas combustion turbines often pose challenges to a tube fitting’s elastomeric sealing,” Seal-Lok Xtreme uses a patented metal sealing ring that improves sealing dependability against the severe temperature or chemical compatibility issues that reduce the life of elastomeric seals.”


  • combustion turbines

  • LNG storage and fueling systems

  • cryogenic equipment

  • high-temperature engine compartments

  • instrument panels

  • chemical process equipment

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