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Safety guide for hydraulic hose assembly

- Jan 16, 2018 -

There are many factors which can affect usage condition of hose assembly, use hose fittings in a correct way can ensure its reliability and economical efficiency. These factors are as follows:

1. Hose Dimension

The selection of hose inside diameter must be correctly made. If the hose inside diameter is too small, it will speed up the medium in the pipe-line, heated the system, lower the efficiency and produce excessive pressure drop which will affect the whole system's capability. If it will fix with hose clamp or cross the steel board, the outside diameter of hose should be pay more attention.

2. Working pressure

The dynamic working pressure in this catalog refers to the allowable maximum pressure in condition of continuously working. According to the safety modulus of hydraulic hose ruled by international standard, we recommend that the working pressure is one quarter of the minimum blast pressure.

3. Impact pressure & Fatigue Life-span

After determining the maximum system pressure for a hydraulic system, hose selection can be made. For the hydraulic system's pressure always be dynamic, there often apperas an impact pressure, the maximum impact pressure is much higher than the maximum system pressure. To be luckily, there is an over fall valve in every hydraulic system, so high impact pressure cannot affect the fatigue life-span seriously. As for hydraulic system whose impact pressure appears very frequently, we advise you choose the special hydraulic hose which is able to endure the high impact pressure.

4. Temperature Range

User must ensure that the temperature is in an allowable range of hose, if exceeding this range, the life-span of hose will be shorten, and the capacity to endure pressure will get down. If the working condition temperature keep too high or too low in a long time, we afvice you use the hose spring guard.

5. Chemical Compatibility

If use special hydraulic medium, user should ensure the material of hose inner side and cover, the hose fittings and O-ring can compatible with special hydrauluc medium.

6. Bending Radius

Pay more attention to its minimum bending radius when install the hose assembly, if the bending radius is smaller than the minimum one, the capacity of enduring pressure will get down and the life-span of hose will be shortened.

7. Friction

We advised you use a spring guard if the hose assembly is always in the confition of touching and makeing friction with hard object. Any technical question about Qiancheng hydraulic hose assembly, welcome to inquiry!

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