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Performance advantages and precautions for use in chemical compound hose

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Chemical compound Hose Performance Advantage chemical hose used, chemical hose is mainly used in the chemical industry hose, not only the production of materials are very many types, and the use of a wide range of, therefore, gradually accepted and used by people, and the chemical compound hose is mainly used new materials, new technology and the production of novel technology, in the combination of loose winding and polymer membrane sealing, etc., than other traditional rubber hose and metal hoses more obvious advantages. Chemical composite hose and the same specifications of rubber hose, even in the same use conditions, is more lightweight than the rubber hose, and is very suitable for the mobile space is relatively large in the use of places, such as tanker trucks and tankers and other places. Chemical compound hose has very good acid and alkali resistance, because it is mainly made of synthetic resin fiber as material, therefore, for acid and alkaline liquids have very good performance, with very good performance, and other hose compared to the advantages of the use of chemical hoses and preservation.

Chemical hose production materials are based on the transmission of different chemical media and select the special materials produced. Therefore, the use of chemical hoses must pay attention to the following points:

1. In the use of chemical hoses must select and transport medium matching chemical hose.

2: When laying the chemical hose should clean the ground to avoid sharp injury.

3. Avoid the chemical hose in the transmission of different media in the case of cross use, in order to avoid accidents.

4 in the use of chemical hose, if the transmission medium is flammable and explosive media, it is necessary to the chemical hose metal joints and conductive wire grounding, to avoid the chemical medium in the process of transmission generated by electrostatic accumulation, occurrence of deflagration.

5 Chemical Hose After use, be sure to put the residual media in the chemical hose out, according to the medium of transportation selection of water or the corresponding cleaning detergent.

6. After cleaning, dry the curvature radius of the relevant data provided above according to the instruction manual is stored in a cool and dry place. or horizontally storage.

7. The two ends of the chemical hose are used to keep the internal cleaning of the chemical hose on the cover of the quick joint.

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