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NPTF Dry Seal Pipe Assembly Instructions

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Step 1. Inspect port and fitting to ensure that both are free of contaminants and excessive burrs and nicks.. 

Step 2. Apply a stripe of an anaerobic liquid pipe sealant around the male threads leaving the first two threads uncovered. If no liquid sealant is available, wrap Teflon tape 1-1/2 to 2 turns in a clockwise direction, viewed from the pipe end, leaving the first two threads uncovered. Caution: Teflon tape and some pipe sealants are destructive to hydraulic components. Always use extreme caution and follow manufactures recommendations for proper application of any sealant in order to prevent contamination. 

Step 3. Screw finger tight into the port. 

Step 4. Wrench tighten the fitting to the correct Turns Past Finger Tight position. (See following table). When installing elbows or tees, consider final orientation position as to not exceed the recommended TPFT. Caution: Never back off an installed pipe fitting to achieve proper alignment. Loosening installed pipe fittings will corrupt the seal and contribute to leakage and failure.

Torque installation of pipe fittings is not a recommended practice. Thread taper and quality, different port and fitting materials, plating thickness and types, varying threads sealants, orientation, and other factors reduce the reliability of a torqued connection. If torque installation is required, refer to the following table for suggested torque values. consistency and quality for convenience

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