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Notice when using hose couplings

- Jan 20, 2018 -

The following matters should be paid attention to when using the hose joint:

Hose placement should try to prevent heat sources, far from the embodiment of the exhaust pipe of the engine. When necessary, a bushing or maintenance screen can be used to prevent the hose from heating and changing.

The hose is necessary when working with machinery or with appearance of conflicts of local use of hose clamp or spring maintenance equipment, to prevent damage to the outer tube.

When the hose is necessary, the winding radius should not be too small, and it should be more than 9 times the outer diameter. The joint between the hose and the joint shall have a straight line 2 times larger than the outer diameter of the pipe.

Hose equipment should be kept in tight condition, even if the hose has no relative movement of the local, but also adhere to the hose lax, tight hose in the pressure effect will swell, the strength decreased.

Don't strain the hose during the equipment. The hose is slightly altered so that it can reduce its strength and loosen the joint. When installing, the joint should be screwed down on the hose instead of tightening the hose on the joint.

The hose in the key parts such as equipment, claims on its timing or replace view.

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