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Measure and Specify Hydraulic Hose Length With Ease

- Jan 22, 2018 -

Many hose installers are not trained on how to correctly measure and specify hose length. As a result, a replacement hose may end up being either a little shorter or a little longer than the original part. When inches matter, the confusion about properly measuring hose length can result in delays and extra expense.

When requesting a hose assembly, its length can generally be identified in two ways: overall length, or cut length. Overall length is the most common way to identify hose length and it is typically used when ordering Parker hydraulic hoses.

Overall hose assembly length

How to Measure Hydraulic Hose - Hose Products Division - Overall Hose Assembly Length

When assembling a hose, it is important to note when the "overall length" (OAL) is critical. In most industrial applications (such as water or general purpose) the OAL is not critical, but in many hydraulic applications the OAL can be critical due to space restrictions. The OAL of a hose assembly can be determined by measuring a hose assembly from end-to-end.

Here are some examples of a standard hose assembly length for a straight fitting, 90º fitting, and 45º fitting. It is important to remember the following when calculating the OAL: 

Male threaded ends are measured from the end of their threads.

Female threaded ends and flanged ends are measured from their sealing surface.

Angled ends are measured from the center of their sealing surface. 

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