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Material Classification of hose

- Aug 09, 2017 -

PVC Hose (sanitary plastic hose, plastic hose, plastic corrugated pipe, food grade hose, sanitary hose, imported hose) has been widely used in water supply pipe system and gas transmission pipeline system, but over the past few years the PVC pipeline system in the field of gas transport market share near zero, the water supply system has a slight decline. However, PVC hose in the pressure-free piping system, such as drainage, sewage and waste disposal system in the use of a stable growth, The main reason is that the production of PVC raw materials is less dependent on crude oil than other thermoplastic plastics, making its production cost relatively low.

Hose (, plastic corrugated pipe, imported hose) can be a solid wall or a variety of structural wall design, its connection mainly using solvent bonding method. According to the use of plasticizers, can be divided into hard PVC (corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance performance is relatively high, while the cost is relatively high.)

Although the PE piping system does not have the cost advantage (the raw material price is relatively high), but it has obtained the rapid promotion and the popularization. This is mainly due to the fast and convenient and safe connection way of PE hose, namely hot melt connection. Teflon hose due to PE hose (sanitary grade plastic hose, plastic hose, polyethylene hose, food-grade hose, sanitary hose, imported hose, the melting temperature range and melt viscosity of the characteristics of the PE hose has a very good weld, so that the strength of PE hot-melt joints to reach even more than the strength of the hose body. In addition, the use of PE electro-fusion connecting pipe can make the repair work of PE piping system become simple and convenient, thus improving the safety and reliability of the pipeline.

PP Hose (sanitary plastic hose, plastic hose, polypropylene hose, food grade hose, sanitary hose, imported hose) has been applied to the production of pipelines since the 1970s. According to the structure of polymer, pp material can be divided into three categories: pp (polypropylene), silicone hose pp-b (block copolymer polypropylene) and PP-R (random copolymer polypropylene).

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