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Hydraulic Hoses Used for Assemblies

- Feb 06, 2018 -

Hydraulic hoses are often used in conjunction with steel or stainless steel hose ends to manufacture hydraulic hose assemblies. For most hose shops, the requirements a customer usually defines are the following: length, diameter, hose type, hose end type, and hose end style. 

The length of hydraulic hoses defined for an assembly is from hose end to hose end or from the face axes line of a 45 or 90 elbow which can also count as the hose end. The hose type is usually assigned by pressure or a customers requirement for 1, 2 braided hose or a 4 or 6 spiral hydraulic hose. The hose end type would be the threaded and the hose end style would be related to the pressure rating of the hydraulic hose. Higher pressure hose usually require more robust fittings. 

Some of the manufacturers of hydraulic hoses also supply hose ends. These brands include Parker, Weatherhead, CSI, Kurt Semperit, Goodyear, Gates, Manuli, Ryco, and others. Hydraulic hoses make excellent assemblies when these hose ends are crimped onto either end of the hose. 

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