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Hydraulic Fitting Tips and Techniques

- Feb 07, 2018 -

Flat face hydraulic fittings and hydraulic hose are the best due to the excellent sealing arrangement and also the torque set up on the hose crimp end. The benefit of JIC tapered ends is that they do not ever fully bottom out so it can be very easy to over-tighten a JIC hydraulic hose fitting. Flat face fittings are sometimes preferred because you have to make contact with a flat surface before you torque to spec. It is quite fail proof. Yet on JIC fitting hose ends a major benefit is that even hand tightened JIC hose will hold until they vibrate off. 

Always use the proper tools for applying torque onto hydraulic hose fittings. Most of the larger manufacturing hose fitting companies have their own torque wrenches for specific sizes and types of hose. Although this isn’t completely necessary, it should be considered for highly sensitive installations. All that matters is to reach 75% of the proof load on a bolt so there is a considerable amount of range. 

Engine hoses fittings require tighter tolerances because of the high temperatures and vibration loads. Also, if a hydraulic hose line blow off inside an engine housing and sprays oil onto a red hot components, the fire that could result will probably cause significant damage to your machine. Many off-road equipment have small gear pumps that are mounted on the front of engines with poor hydraulic hose routings. Special attention has to be paid to the fittings in these cases so they remain on and provide years of worry free function.

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