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Hydraulic Crimpers for Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

- Feb 08, 2018 -

Hydraulic crimpers for hydraulic hose come in two types. The first is an adjustable style with a dial in gauge that allows the user to dial in the final crimp diameter. In order to use these adjustable variable hydraulic crimpers, the user does need a die to bring the fitting close to the desired diameter. The second type is a fixed style of hydraulic crimper manufactured by companies such as Parker. 

These type of fixed hydraulic crimpers only allow users to manufacture hose assemblies using the same brand of hydraulic components as the crimper itself. Manufacturers will often use this technique to supply their own brand of hydraulic hose and hose ends after a crimper is sold to a customer. 

Adjustable hydraulic crimpers are gaining in popularity and are manufactured by a few large manufacturing companies. Included in this group is Customer Machining Services Inc. of Valparaiso, IN which manufactures the CustomCrimp brand of crimpers. CMS Inc manufactures both adjustable and fixed crimpers. 

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