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Hose Replacement: Avoid Future Trouble by Doing it Right

- Feb 06, 2018 -

Keep it clean

One of your first considerations is to make cleanliness a top priority. The close tolerances in hydraulic valves, pumps and actuators make clean parts critical when fashioning a hose assembly. Contamination is always a danger during hose replacement. Even when the person doing the work is careful, fine particles can end up in the hydraulic fluid. In addition to keeping the hose itself clean, make sure the entire bench is free of grit and contaminants.

The newer, the better

Your second consideration is the age of the hose stock. Be sure the hoses are of fairly recent vintage, not years old. If you want to know why, take a look at an old tire on someone’s car. Rubber dries out over time. When it does, cracking takes place and the material begins to deteriorate, losing much of its integrity.

The right tools for the job

Using the correct tools is key, abrasive cutting can and will leave particles in the assembly that ultimately end up in the equipment’s hydraulic fluid. Which will lead to more issues with your equipment.

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