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Hose Assembly Do's & Don'ts

- Feb 05, 2018 -

When making or installing a hose assembly...

  • Never use a component that appears to be dirty, cracked, blistered, kinked, or non-conformant in any other regard

  • Never crimp or swage a Parker hose or fitting with anything except the listed swage or crimping machine and dies

  • Never re-use a field-attachable fitting that has blown off or pulled off a hose

  • Never re-use a permanent fitting (whether crimped or swaged) or any part thereof

  • Never assemble fittings to any hose that was previously used in service when the hose was the cause of the original failure

  • Never use a section of hose that has been kinked during unpacking or installation

  • Never install a hose in such a way that it will be stretched, twisted, or in any other way re-oriented from its natural lay during use

  • Never apply a twisting or torquing action to a hose when tightening fittings, or allow twisting or torquing to occur during installation or when the assembly is in use

  • Never allow tensile loads, side loads, kinking, flattening, abrasion, thread damage, or sealing surface damage to impede the proper installation

  • Never complete an installation without eliminating all air entrapment and pressurizing the system to a pressure equal to or less than the maximum working pressure of the assembly’s weakest link

  • Never forget that fluids coming into contact with hot surfaces, open flames, or sparks could ignite an explosion

Ask Yourself these Questions.....

  • Have you left sufficient slack?

  • Are there any twists in the hose?

  • Are any hoses rubbing against each other or against other components?

  • Have you allowed for system vibration?

  • Is the hose protected against kinking?

  • Is the hose protected against heat, sparks, or open flames?

  • Is the hose protected against abrasion or chafing?

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