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Full-Torque Nut Couplings

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Hydraulic leaks are a drain on budgets and system productivity, but a new generation of threaded couplings is ready to combat them.

Available on MegaCrimp® couplings for wire-braid hose and GlobalSpiral® couplings for spiral-wire hose, Full-Torque Nut couplings round out the complete Gates hydraulic fitting line.

have many advantages include:

Stronger than staked-nut fittings
•Patented design with premium quality machined components

•Maximum durability

•Consistent sealing force for leak protection

•Larger nut for easier wrench access

•TuffCoat™ plating that performs at a 500 percent improvement over SAE standards for rust and corrosion resistance

•Available in metric sizes only (female fittings)

•Meets global ISO standards and specs in all drop sizes

JIC couplings have gained wide international acceptance for their versatility and relatively inexpensive price points. With angled threads that form a seal, they connect to English and Metric ports. And because they don’t depend on an elastomer O-ring, fluid compatibility poses no problem.

What’s the catch? Threads crushed during tightening and damaged by vibration and shocks during equipment operation create the potential for leak paths. Whether ORS or JIC, any threaded connection can leak when not properly torqued.

The Full-Torque Nut coupling solves this problem. Its premium quality machined components and consistent sealing force offer unsurpassed resistance to cracking. A patented process allows Gates to manufacture couplings for wire-braid hydraulic hose assemblies comparable in cost to traditional staked-nut designs.

When a staked-nut coupling is tightened, forces go in all directions. The Full-Torque Nut coupling has a 90° shoulder. When torqued, force is applied directly downward onto the sealing surface, lessening stresses on coupling components and reducing the potential for leaks.

While ORS couplings have been taking the lead in the leak-free race, there’s a new option for a relatively inexpensive, leak-free solution – the Gates Full-Torque Nut coupling.

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