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Forgings fitting in USA

- Jan 26, 2018 -

Although there are a few domestic manufacturers of hydraulic fittings still in America, most of these cannot purchase the rough forgings to turn into finished products here domestically. Instead, American manufacturers of hydraulic fittings resort to manufacturing using bar stock and then machine the products to completion with these as the raw material. Most forging factories have moved overseas as the rough work of forging typically follows low cost providers. The forging suppliers left in America have concentrated on higher precision level of work for forging higher value components in the energy production, mining/construction, and oil/gas industries. 

Forgings made in overseas factories have, by necessity, become of better quality over time. When initial forgings were used to manufacture hydraulic fittings with NPT, JIC, or other thread types, inclusions in the metal, over time would cause breakage and premature failure. However, with stringent ISO codes used in the manufacture of forgings, the material quality as well as the heat treatment is on par with American quality standards. 

Hydraulic fittings are usually machined on CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machines. These machines will machine the final shape of the fitting as well as the threads. Sometimes assembly is required by a technician or a welder to finalize the hydraulic fitting to completion. Over time the completed quality of these components continues to improve, increasing longevity and decreasing cost to the customers benefit. 

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