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- Dec 01, 2017 -


This tool is used for measuring inner and outer thread diameters

Thread Pitch Gauge

A thread pitch gauge is used for determining the number of threads per inch. It is also used for measuring the thread-to-thread spacing in metric connections.

Accurate measurement of threads

Before you start measuring the threads of your fluid pipe or tube, ensure that they are in good conditions. Distorted or worn out threads can give you inaccurate measurements. After confirming that your threads are in good conditions, measure their diameter and record. An I.D./O.D. caliper is a suitable tool for this. Match the dimensions provided in this guide with your recorded measurements. 

It is important to note that your measurements may not accurately match with the values provided in this guide. The slight differences are mainly caused by manufacturing tolerances.

After measuring the diameter of your threads, determine their spacing in threads per inch. In the case of metric connections, measure the thread-to-thread distances. To get an accurate value, ensure that the thread pitch gauge is fitting well on the threads. Record the values and compare your measurements with the figures provided in this guide.

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