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Can I use hose and fittings from different manufacturers in the same system?

- Jan 30, 2018 -

The short answer is “no.” Here’s why:

Mixing and matching components from different manufacturers is the traditional way of life for many industrial hose distributors and end-users, but this approach to making hose assemblies leaves fabricators and users open to greater liability than ever before.

The “right” components for safe, long-lasting hydraulic assemblies are couplings, hoses, and crimping equipment and accessories that are designed to work together. Tolerances vary from one manufacturer to another and are not interchangeable. Different components from different manufacturers can cause coupling retention to be adversely affected. Mixing and matching can lead to hoses bursting, couplings leaking and blown-off ends maiming or even killing workers.

Thread or flange ends must also be properly matched to their mating components to create leak-proof connections.

In addition to the dangers involved, mixing and matching brand names will void the manufacturer’s warranty and could also exclude manufacturers from liability should someone get injured from a failed hose assembly.

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